As chicken franchises continue to grow in popularity, brands everywhere are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Luckily for Bojangles, our business model was built to stand out. From our uniquely Southern inspired flavors to our breakfast daypart domination, the Bojangles franchise is anything but average. Learn what makes our customer base so loyal and what this means for you as a franchise owner.

Fresh Foods with Serious Flavor

While many of our competitors are unboxing frozen biscuits, we’re whipping ours up from scratch. Baked fresh every 20 minutes, our famous buttermilk biscuits come with just about everything on the menu and our customers can get enough of them. To prove just how fresh our biscuits are, our stylish site designs include a window into the kitchen where guests can watch our teams turn batter into their favorite bites.

It’s not just the biscuits that will have guests flocking to your Bojangles franchise. Unlike many other chicken franchises, we don’t settle for run-of-the-mill frozen chicken. Our hand-breaded chicken is tossed in our secret blend of spices and fried fresh for every meal. The unique flavor was inspired by Cajun cooking and gives guests a taste of the South in every bite.

Now, what other chicken franchises do you know that can deliver food this fresh this fast?

Thriving Throughout Multiple Dayparts

Many chicken franchises are one hit wonders—maybe they primarily do chicken sandwiches or family meals for dinner. Bojangles does all that and then some. The Bojangles franchise excels in multiple dayparts, supplying unique offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This variety enables you to capture the same guest multiple times a week while maximizing your earnings all day long.

An outstanding 36% of our sales occur before 11am and an additional 26% of sales during lunch. This means a major part of your earnings happen before the average workday is even done.

Quick and Easy Convenience

Guests can make any time Bo time with convenient and varied ordering options. Whether they want to hit the drive-thru, pickup curbside, dine with us, or get Bo’s delivered, we have options for everyone.

Our diverse ordering methods are part of what has helped the Bojangles franchise thrive in any economy. In times of uncertainty, guests crave the comfort and value of Bojangles. Guests also continue to be able to get their favorite meals safely thanks to our low-contact ordering and delivery.

Real Deal Southern Hospitality

Part of what keeps our guest returning time and time again is our commitment to customer service and authentic Southern hospitality. Our team members do their best to brighten guests’ days with genuine kindness and friendly smiles that go well with any meal.

The South is part of the Bojangles franchise brand. No matter where you build one of our chicken franchises, you’ll be taking a part of the South with you. This bold branding attracts guests looking for an out-of-the-ordinary chicken franchise with homestyle flavors and unparalleled offerings.

Own One of the Best Chicken Franchises on the Market

Want to become a part of the thriving chicken franchise segment? Bojangles offers franchisees the chance to build out their markets with a one-of-a-kind brand. Learn more by reaching out to our team now.

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