Chicken franchises are a thriving category with immense potential for restaurant operators and investors. A customer-favorite with nearly universal likeability in markets across the U.S. and abroad, the chicken segment shows continuous growth with strong projections. In fact, IBIS World’s reporting projects 29% growth in the industry in 2021 alone.

The Bojangles franchise has carved out a niche at the intersection of multiple fruitful categories, including QSR, chicken, breakfast and Southern food. Our unique positioning gives our franchisees an edge over competitors while capturing a variety of customers throughout multiple dayparts.

See what makes Bojangles stand out in the chicken franchise segment and how our differentiators benefit your business.

Strong Sales in Multiple Dayparts

Your Bojangles franchise will offer hearty, homestyle meals for every time of the day. With distinct offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’re able to offer guests variety while maintaining a streamlined menu. Many of our guests even visit Bo’s multiple times a week for different meals.

Unlike many other chicken franchises, Bojangles has a booming breakfast daypart with 36% of sales occurring before 11am. Our popular breakfast biscuit sandwiches come with a variety of proteins to help your guests get their days started on the right foot. Plus, guests love that they can pick up their favorite breakfast bites even if they’re not an early riser—Bo’s serves breakfast all day.

We’re Willing to Adapt

We know the world has changed since our founding in 1977, and we’re willing to adapt to evolving customer demand. We regularly evaluate our menu offerings and restaurant operations to ensure we’re exceeding expectations at every turn.

When ordering delivery became more of a necessity than a luxury, we sped up the introduction of Bo’s delivery capabilities. Our franchisees are able to partner with third-party delivery services to reach more guests at their convenience. This has enabled Bojangles franchise owners to earn additional sales without adding significant labor increases.

New Frontiers with Room to Grow

With more than 750 units throughout the Southern U.S., Bojangles has a strong foothold in the chicken franchise segment. We’ve developed compelling brand recognition and earned a dedicated, cult-like following of fans everywhere. However, there are still many markets ripe for development throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Many other chicken franchises are so saturated that they have few opportunities for growth in candidates’ ideal markets. Bojangles strikes the right balance between proven demand and available territories that offer you the chance to own your market.

No One Does Southern Food Like Bo’s

When customers come to Bojangles, they’re not looking for any old chicken franchise. They crave our famous, buttermilk biscuits made from scratch from open to close. Paired with the bold, Southern-inspired flavor of our hand-breaded, never-frozen chicken and homestyle sides, there’s simply no other place like Bo’s.

Our classic Southern offerings perform exceptionally in the South, and they’re just as popular in other markets, as well. People crave authenticity from brands, and the Bojangles franchise offers just that. We’re a real deal Southern franchise with the pedigree to prove it, and we love to share our flavors with people everywhere.

Own a Piece of the Chicken Franchise Segment

The QSR chicken franchise industry is growing, and there’s never been a better time to get in on this booming sector. To learn how you can begin building out your territory with Bojangles, get in touch with our team.

Our Place in the QSR Chicken Industry | Bojangles Franchise

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